Summer Trends - More Coming Through!

So the summer trends are endless. That's why our posts about them are endless too. Here's an update to the latest summer trends hitting the shelf.

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3 Simple Men's Style Guide

Matching style with the occasion is a difficult task. But with there three easy men's style guide you can nail it every time.

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Denim Trends For This Summer

Ladies love denim. Men look great in denim. What more can a human possibly ask for? Let's have a look at the latest summer trends for denim.
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Summer Trends - Hot Shorts

Red/Pink Shorts

Red Shorts

Pure White Shorts

Electric Blue Shorts

Trendy Colorful Striped Shorts

Printed Dark Blue Shorts

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6 Trendy Sunglasses This Summer

Sunglasses , the perfect accessory to instantly improve your style game. Here are the top 6 picks for Spring/Summer 2015.

1. J.Crew

Available Here : Eltify

2. Superdry Foldable Sunglasses

Available Here : Superdry

3.Ray Ban Round Craft Sunglasses

Available Here : Ray Ban

4.Emporio Armani Aviators

Available Here : Emporio Armani

5. Louis Philippe Aviators

Available Here : Louis Philippe

6. Spitfire Clubmaster

Spitfire Clubmas
Available Here : Asos

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Latest Spring/Summer Fashion - March 2015 - P1




#Blue Shirt #Blue Shorts

#The Vintage Look

#Red Pants #Grey T-Shirt

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